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Bern's Top Tier Gear Sale Woooooooooooooooooooo

Mabinogi Rep: 1,405
Posts: 59
edited February 3 in Tarlach Marketplace
Bern's Buy list

ign: xbernkastelx
note or add me with any questions or offers
You can mail anything 8m or under
R1 Enchanting, so I can enchant something if
you don't want to risk an expensive burn


Everything is on this list



Flavor of the Month~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Exquisite Arashi Armor (F) - 3m

Exquisite Arashi Helm (F) - 3m

Exquisite Arashi Gauntlet (F) - 2m

Exquisite Arashi Greaves (F) - 2m

Exquisite Arashi Armor (M) - 3m

Exquisite Arashi Helm (M) - 3m

Exquisite Arashi Gauntlet (M) - 2m

Exquisite Arashi Greaves (M) - 2m

Special Mist Kimono (f) - 20m

Flowery Evening Dress - 5m

Nuadha Robe (F) - 5m

Oversized Shirt with stockings - 5m

Oversized Shirt - 3m

Knitwear w/ stockings - 5m

Knitwear - 3m

Silly Weapons~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Caladbolg - 20m

Viseo Mirror Blade - 10m

Glowing Ice Sword - 5m

Leminia's Holy Moon Sword - 1m

Tiger Knuckle - 1m

Mace of Mercy - 1m

Master Lich Wand - 1m

Panacea Healing Wand - 1m

Metal Fire Wand - 1m

Fairy Ice Wand - 1m

Ladeca Ice Wand - 1m

Par Ice Wand - 1m

Dittes Sacred Wand - 1m

Emissions Lightning Wand - 1m

Fairy Lightning Wand - 1m

Metal Lightning Wand - 1m

Kenda Club Bokken - 2m

World Bugles - 50k ea Mail

Oddy Kitty Head (F) - 300k ea Mail

Black Bag - 50m

Ghost support puppet coupon - 6m

Shadow bat support puppet coupon - 10m

Fate Support Puppets - 20m ea

Fate Doll Bags - 5m ea

Fate Command Seals - 10m ea

Rurutie Tail - 8m

Muramasa Appearance Scrolls - 2m ea Mail

Caladbolg - 20m

Enuma Elish Ea - 3m

Nurse outfit - 2m

Waffle Witch Wig - 2m


Homestead Cat - 400k ea Mail

Coffin - 100k ea Mail

Crypt - 100k ea Mail

Ghost Light Figure - 300k Mail

Halloween Pumpkin Fence - 50k ea Mail

Halloween Pumpkin Flagstone (Whole) - 200k Mail

Flagstone(whole)- 100k ea Mail

Spooky Tombstone - 200k ea Mail

Pumpkin Lampost - 200k ea Mail

Pumpkinface tomb - 200k ea Mail

Homestead Sky Lanterns(cube or round) - 500k ea Mail

King Pepe Figure - 300k

Gacha Purple Metal Dye 128blue/red - 300k ea Mail
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