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edited September 12, 2018 in Mari Marketplace
-Black Dragon Heart
-Black Dragon Blood (x3)

-#0F4D92 Metal Dyes 300k/ea
-Glimmering Golden Supplement NMO
-Forgetful Potion 1m/ea mail

-Focused White Beam Sword (20Dur, 3Rank reforge 1line) 300k
-Puck Puppets 75/15 Days left NMO
-Materials Pouches (Leather, Silk):
-Finest 300k
-Fine 200k
-Common 150k
-Cheap 100k
-Celtic Crossbow NMO
-Puppy Robe Set 300k
-Kyle Outfit NMO
-Special Newbie Wear/Shoes Types A, B, C 200k/ea
-R1 Expansive Elegant DK Gauntlets [Linked Marionette Max Dmg lv14] 400k
-Finest Leather Strap 50k/stack

Add or note Arkton to buy or sell. Thank you!