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Can't buy NX

Mabinogi Rep: 955
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edited September 16, 2018 in Item/Premium Shop
Hello. I'm back from a hiatus, first thing I wanted to do was to get VIP. So I went and bought Karma Koin Cards like many times before. Well, the loading circle keeps spinning forever and I can't get NX.
I tried 5 different browsers (I only use Adblockers on Chrome): Chrome, Firefox, Edge and IE. I even tried Safari on my phone.
On all browsers I get a circle that keeps spinning forever.

Makes me want to go back on hiatus again.

Edit: Solved. Worked on iPad.


  • KousukeKiraKousukeKira
    Mabinogi Rep: 955
    Posts: 47
    Well, now suddenly the circle keeps spinning on my ipad as well. Any ideas how to fix this so I can redeem my KK cards?