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Charge Dan 3 Test

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Hey, so I'm having some monumental difficulties with Charge's Dan 3 test... I can't even break 9k points if I attempt to charge gremlins and gargoyles, but if I try to skip them and charge the swords & wisps, I can sometimes make it to 10k points.

I'm just not sure if there's really anything else I can do other than hope the AI is forgiving. If I'm not getting interrupted by random normal attacks from enemies who have only noticed me then I'm getting "too close" to an enemy and auto-cancelling into a normal attack. Or worse, when charge should be able to intercept a normal attack or smash, I get hit instead.

I figured skipping the first wave would probably fare better somehow, but after a couple of attempts where I seemingly made progress, the AI on the wisps has now changed to suddenly be hyper aggressive and not allow me to charge the swords in peace.

Does anyone have any advice on this? I'm trying quite hard to believe that I can do it, but after spending my shop earnings from today on this alone, I'm starting to lose my confidence and willingness to continue...


  • ArbiterArbiter
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    It's really just RNG. You need good spawns patterns, and lucky AI, and crits. It's good to kill the gremlins first before the light gargoyles and try to avoid multi aggro by the wisps and swords. The swords are easier to 1HKO so I went for them first. If you get to the nightmare humanoid, you're in the clear.

    I spent like 3mil on the charge dan 3 test in attempts. It's awful. GL.
  • GTCvActiumGTCvActium
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    I recommend getting to the Saha round as fast as possible, you get points for blocking arrows with charge so you can get more points if you manage to do it.
  • Narutofire18Narutofire18
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    Shameless plug:

    Make sure to read the description too. Good luck :)