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B> Homestead Items, (F) Equips + More!

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Homestead Items:

Homestead Spring Garden Well - NMP
Homestead Spring Garden Wisteria - 15m
Spring Garden Wisteria Models - 2m ea

Homestead Oriental Lamp Trio - 400k ea
Homestead Oriental Lamp - 200k ea
Glittering Trees - 1.5m ea

(F) Clothes / Equips:

Magic Academy Robe for Juniors (F) - 10m
Lily's Magic Knight Officer Suit - NM!
Succubus Queen Wig and Ears - 25m
Blue Ring Halo - 5m
Black Ring Halo


Bow Stance Card - 16m
Dead Forest Throne - 4m
Ice Forest Throne - 2.5m

Note Crenia please!