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Buying, Selling or Trading~

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edited September 22, 2018 in Mari Marketplace
Hello Mari. I'm looking for the following items some for myself and others for a friends gift. Well. I'm now selling a few items. Also trading as well for other stuff. Will add more to both lists once I get a bit of stuff~

Gold right now for buying with:

Selling or Trading~
Emilia (Set)
Felt (Set, but the outfit is dyed.)
Beatrice (Set, but the outfit is dyed.)
Dominion Wings (Dyeable.)
Succubus outfit (Dyeable.)

Buying or trading for me:
Special Mist Kimono (F)
Fixed Dye amps [255. 255. 0] and [0. 0. 0]
One handed Sword Stance
Ancient Guardian outfit (Set~)
Abyss Dragon Set F (Set.~)