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My most memorable memory on Mabinogi : Alexina

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edited September 28, 2018 in Town Square
7-8 years ago; I was in the Skilled Guild and I was talking to someone how I wanted a Side-Kick as an Elephant. A little Elephant Side-Kick who would come with me in Dunbarton. Then one day a cute little Elephant appeared out of nowhere, I forget the name, it might have just been "Ellie" or "elephant" .... and we explored the land of Dunbarton together, until I led it to a Math Dungeon, it told me.. "It couldn't go and ran away.." so I said good bye to the Elephant.

This is a true story. I met an Elephant in Dunbarton and how I wanted an Elephant Side-Kick. Again, this is one of my most memorable memories of Mabinogi in terms of my younger times playing the game....
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