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Selling All My Stuff / Quitting

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Like the title says I’m quitting
I don’t have a full list yet but I’m working on one when I have free time!

The List So Far
Haggling = ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Discord - plsno#8413
Female Outfits
Traditional Korean Outfit
Portia’s Costume (Rank 3 - 2 line)
Summer School Uniform
Eirawen Outfit
Kagamine Rin Shirt
Kagamine Rin Outfit
Idol Plaid Outfit
Lisbeth SAO Outfit
Ghostly Eastern Vampire Outfit
Lively Snowflake Coat
Bunny Parka
Elegant Hanbok Outfit
Odd Kitty Outfit
Sheep Sonata Outfit
Mysterious Girl Outfit
Pinstripe Pajama’s
Sailor Bikini
Chillin’ Urban Outfit
Atui’s Outfit
OTherworldly Dress
Magic Academy Robe for Juniors
Duffle Coat
Casual Date Wear with Bunny Bag
Noble Hanbok Outfit
Lacy Sailor Bikini
House Roswaal Maid Outfit
Elite Assault Uniform

Female Hats / Unisex (gear)
Premium Winter Newbie Hats
Dainty Corsage
Traditional Korean Hat
Space Cat Helmet
Chocolate Ribbon Headband
Kagamine Rin Headset
Starlet Circle Ear Cuffs (M) - Oblivion ES x2
Starlet Circle Ear Cuffs (M- Elf) - Oblivion ES x2
Starlet Circle Ear Cuffs (F- Elf) - Oblivion ES
Snow Bunny Nordic Beanie
Wiggling Majestic Stag Headband
Wiggling Droopy Kitty Ear Headband
Stair Hairpin
Shaman Wig
Odd Kitty Head
Royal Academy Hat
Rabbit Hood
Detective Hat (M/F)
Urban Wig
Royal Hunter Beret
Bright Student Wig
Cheerleader Headband
Chocolate Hat
Flowery Festival Hairpin
Wiggling Fox Ears and Wig
Soft Cake Roll Hat
Bamboo Hat
Private Academy Riding Hat
Noble Hanbok Braided Ribbon Wig
Eluned Baseball Cap x2
Eluned Matador Wig
Black Swan Wig
House Roswaal Maid Headdress
Camellia Hair Ornament

Female / Unisex (gear) Shoes
Bunny Shoes x2
Dark Knight Boots (Fleet/Elegant - R1 1 line - Shadow Bind Dura 12)
Dark Knight Boots (Fleet/Elegant - R1)
Casual Elementary School Uniform Shoes
Rhetoi’s Rabbit Boots
Beach Sandals
Kagamine Rin Shoes
Nurse Shoes
Culinary Artist Safety Boots (Hawk R1 - no lines)
Fleet Feet F
Bright Elven Summer Sandals Royal Rose Shoes
Brilluen Bootie Heels
Roller Skates
Cheerleader Boots
Special Forces Combat Boots
Glamour Pumps
Nekone’s Shoes
Eluned Rhetoi’s Rabbit Boots
Otherworldly Hanbok Shoes
Northern Lights Greaves
Cuddly Chicken Loafers
Red Eye Strap Boots
Peaceful Slippers (M)
Matsure Geta Sandals (F)
Buddel Coat Shoes
Jewler Shoes
Winter Knitwear Shoes (M)
Casual Date Sneakers
Private Academy Shoes
Noble Hanbok Shoes
Eluned Baseball Shoes
Sailor Ribbon Sandals
Black Swan Shoes
Peony Qipao Loafers

Female / Unisex
China 7th Anniversary Ring
Battle School Gloves
Winter Princess Bracelet
Bunny Parka Bracelets
Ruby Adorned Alchemist Cuffs
Reapers Gloves
Gothic Dress Style Gauntlets
Tribal Bird Bracelet
Broken Horn Hunter Gloves (4/3)
Northern Lights Gauntlets
Cosmic Princess Starry Cuffs
Casual Date Glow Bracelets
Sailor Ribbon Bracelet
Assault Uniform Bracelet

Robes / Wings
Frog Robe (flashy)
Tiger Robe
Skybound Twinkling Butterfly Wings
Lucky Neko Robe
Blue Ornate Ribbon Wings
Momentary Twilight Robe

Shuriken Charge
Shadow Cloak x2
Kunai Storm
Explosive Kunai
Divine Link
Bachram Explosion

Blackened Black Fragment x46
Jagged Soul Shard x12
Demonic Ore x48
Giant Broken Emblem x20
Lightless Metal Fragment x92
Demonic Wood x17
Huge Armor Fragment x21
Chaotic Rune x1
Black Sealing Metal x47
Broken Emblem x2
Divine Mineral Fragment x2
Otherworldly Essence x4
Restoration Powder x2
Distortion Powder x8
Mysterious Herb Powder
Melodic Metal Board x7
Medal of Will x2
Shiny Gold Thread x3
Valiance Metal Shard x2
Resilient Ebony
Sub-Zero Coolant
Harmonic Wood Board x2
Frosted Borealis Crystal x5
Purified Soul Stone x2
Gem of Valor x3
Dragon Scale Fragment
Broken Seal Chain
Shyllien Crystal x23
Mutant Rabbit Feet x34
Mutant Plant Mucilage x42

Blunt Weapons
Lorna Puppet x2
Royal Elephant Messenger Bag
Donkey Pool Tube
Opera Glasses
Elatha Puppet
Lady Waffle Cone Heart Clutch
Crude Clear Umbrella
Sheep Mace
Crystal Sword
Beholder’s Sword
Dapper Bunny Puppet
Deputy Commander’s Clipboard
Sunburst Ukulele
Sword Saint Reinhard’s Sword
Untamed Girgashly Eluned Baseball Bat

Colorful Kite Balloon x2
Phine Balloon
Ghost Bomber Balloon
Potent Avon Drama Crystal x21
Potent Avon Fine Drama Crystal x45
Potent Avon Premium Drama Crystal x15
Baltane Mission Crystal (1.5) x11
Baltane Mission Crystal (2) x13
Baltane Mission Crystal (3) x5
Refined Shadow Crystal x51
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  • NifanityNifanity
    Mabinogi Rep: 915
    Posts: 48
    edited November 8
    I thought I’d leave this here but the times I check are:
    8 am GMT
    2 pm GMT
    9 GMT