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B> Adonis Hat (F) w/ +2 stamina usage reduction

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NMO "Charlyonne"

It drops from Giant Big-horned Gnu (sometimes Giant Long-horned Gnu - they're the same) in Maize Prairie. They are a field boss of 3 mobs which spawn variously Northeast or East of the Flower Mark just under "Maiz" on the mini-map. I've observed that they spawn from 8pm to 2am game time, and they de-spawn after 10 min at least. I've been staking the spawn for the past week, and so far no drop :(. Also, my cumul is only 900, so I can't kill it on my own, and feel embarrassed for always asking my guildies.

Thanks for reading my post! And please NM in-game! I normally don't check the forums often.