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Locked out of Combat

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edited November 30, 2018 in Bugs and Glitches
After nearly a year of trying to get decent footage regarding this, I've finally got the proof needed to write a Bug Report about this.

What is the issue?
When being knocked back during Windmill's animation, and with a skill loaded afterwards (i.e. Charging Strike), I become unable to use skills, summon pets and attack enemies. I am still able to change my gear, yet it does not resolve the issue. The only solution I found was to log out, then log back in.

What steps must be taken to recreate the issue?
I believe getting knocked back during Windmill's animation, with an "insta-load" skill enabled, will result in this issue.

What do you expect to happen instead?
I expect combat to not be locked as such, preventing me from fighting back or escaping. As such, getting knocked back should eliminate any commands pending, such as Charging Strike being loaded yet unable to execute.

Youtube Link

IGN: Draech
Server: Ruairi

EDIT: I found out that, since you can "load skills during Windmill's animation," I was using Windmill and loaded Charging Strike during the animation, but got knocked back before the end of Windmill, thus locking me into perma-Windmill Animation (not visible, but still counting as if). As such, my report has been updated accordingly.


  • EraleaEralea
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    edited November 29, 2018
    Are you sure this isn't focused fist lock?

    It happens if you're interrupted (knocked down/back) in the middle of charging FF and you're locked out of doing anything else until you fully charge and release FF again.

    To be clear, this is still a bug... I'm just curious if it's the bug we already know and love or a different bug.
  • DraechDraech
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,365
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    edited November 30, 2018
    It's different. I don't use Focused Fist often, and the bug happens mostly with Windmill.

    Edit: Turns out I found the cause, and added it to my post.