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If there was another Mabi-Campfire

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If there ever was a Mabi-Campfire; answer the following :

1. What do you think made the event great?
2. What would you do to improve the event?
3. What should you do next time at the event?
4. What could you have wanted to happen at the event that did not happen?
5. Did you like the event in general?

1. Personally, being a Nonskiller, we Nonskillers get lost a lot on our journeys, so it is difficult to really get an idea of how the event will go at the beginning. Also Nonskillers are super strong but we got low intelligence (unless you an Alpha Nonskiller, which in most cases those are rare). Aside from this, with the discovery what was inside of the bag; I have learned that there were nice items such as Free Foods, Drinks, a Cake, and even a booklet that has a Stamp function in it. Took me half the day to figure that out; also I didn't know there was a schedule on the book too; which by which surprised me. Overall, the event was great. But what made the event great were the community-based events such as the Cosplay Show, the X and O event; and the various games.

2. If I wanted something improved; I heard from some people that I talked to that maybe a bigger venue. And there's jokes that it was gonna be 20 to 50 people; but it was more than that. Because of Mabi-Campfire being what it was, I think one would expect a bigger venue in the near future; as most likely people who came to the event alone, like myself would most likely want other people to come to the event who did not show up as well.
[HOWEVER, I personally like the venue size (maybe could be bigger); not so much the location in general]

Now this is what I would like to see >> Furthermore, I am not sure if this is true about the Twitch TV; and I could be 100% wrong on this. I was actually interested in seeing the Livestream of the Event being that I was at the event to show that I was there at the event. Regretfully; having a camera on my arm; I was not focused to take footage or photos as much (sad truth); but I will talk about this on the next point. But my point is, would be nice to see snippets from the event you know; or the Livestream of the games and activities.

3. Next time, I want to try to bring my Guild or a friend or so to the event. I would want my friend to show up to the event to cosplay as one of my Horse Mounts that way it will be easier for me to have less of a load and actually be able to take photos. I would make whoever I bring a Black Flamemare Build (Humanoid Horse) and they can hold onto my stuff and their own stuff in that manner. This way, I can walk around and actually do things more effectively. And when it comes to the Guild; make them some Guild Robes or have them cosplay however they want. (With my budget in mind) It'll look cooler too.

4. Personally, I do not know what I would want added to the event. There really isn't much to say on this. Everything as it was; it was sorta fine. xD;

5. It was a nice event with nice people.
  1. What did you hate about Mabi-Campfire?11 votes
    1. There were no Marshmellows?
       36% (4 votes)
    2. Venue was too small?
       0% (0 votes)
    3. Not enough Cosplayers?
       0% (0 votes)
    4. I didn't hate anything at all!
       27% (3 votes)
    5. I hated everything!
       0% (0 votes)
    6. Meh.
       0% (0 votes)
    7. I never went to it, therefore, I have no opinion on the matter.
       27% (3 votes)
    8. Watched the Twitch, but I wish I could have seen more.
       9% (1 vote)


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    Not pertaining this actual event. I thibk of they held an event annually it will be very good for PR.