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Why you should probably not trust a giveaway

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edited December 3, 2018 in General Chat
So i was going through the giveaway on the new annoucement page.
So far pretty simple in the TOS.
going down trying to find the annoucement date of the winner however, is another matter entirely.
this shows the duration of the said giveaway.
the TL;dr is basically the 27th tot he 6th.
Going through the entire TOS dosnt explain when the actual winners will be announced. the only information thats given is that you have 48 hours to respond to the email, and its void if you fail to do so.
this is the listings of the win conditions. it claims its going to be after the draw is complete, and that you will be contacted via email. dosnt specify how soon after the draw, but youl get an email. do you just sit and check emails every day for the new couple of months?
Unless you read the TOS, you might not even be eligable for this.

2. Eligibility: The Promotion is open only to legal residents of the United States, Canada (excluding Quebec), Ireland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, New Zealand and Norway.

kinda sucks for the russians that i know play this game.

other notes: the discord link in this giveaway dosnt work. its an invaid link.i found that kinda funny. the instragram page seems fairly new too.
-theres no listings in the contests and events either.


  • DraechDraech
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    Not sure what you're getting at here, but I highly doubt it should be in Game Guides.

    Moreover, they do state when the drawing will occur: "The random drawing will be conducted within 48 hours of the end of the Promotion Period by Sponsor or its designated representatives, whose decisions are final." (Section 8: Winner Selection, of the Terms and Conditions). And, once the drawing is conducted, it is safe to assume the potential winners will be contacted within the day. And ultimately, "[Nexon NA] will publish the identity of the winners on [Nexon NA]’s Forum Page (http://forums.mabinogi.nexon.net) no later than thirty (30) days after all winners have been confirmed," (Section 15: Winners List, of the Terms and Conditions) means that everyone will see the winners within the next month.

    TL;DR The drawing takes place between Dec 6 and Dec 8, and the potential winners will be contacted at that time (with a 48h window to reply to the email). The full list of winners will be displayed on the forums within the month.
  • ZuomoZuomo
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    edited December 5, 2018
    Draech wrote: »

    I think the OP was trying to say that they felt misled by something in the terms of the giveaway. (Though it's all out in the open)
    I agree that it's not supposed to be here, to be honest. Not only is it not a guide, it also seems somewhat misleading if someone doesn't bother to read the entire terms of the contest., or your reply.

    (I will add it is useful to point out the region restriction, however its one of the first sentences your can read. Certainly doesn't call for a guide. )