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Motivational's Roast Beast Feast Event!

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edited December 6, 2018 in Mari Chat
Happy Holidays, Mari Server!

As you may or may not know, the Motivational guild likes to host events for our server, generally around a holiday of interest! Last year several festive players joined us in a race around Erinn just as the holidays wrapped up.

This year we’re proud to present Motivational’s Roast Beast Feast event!

This event will be a one day race style event on Tuesday, December 11th, 6pm EST. Players will register via note with Kitsuyasha or myself, Taggles83 in game prior to the event, with max registrations of 50 people. The day of the event, racers will move to the Royal Castle Library on channel 6 begin the race! Here you will receive a registration score scroll to validate your entry in the race.

Players are running to put together a Grinchly Feast.
Alas, all we have currently is the Roast Beast

Users will follow screencaps and clues that we post here on the forum (In any order of their choosing, save for the finish line) at the start of the event to find ‘Who’ representatives who are putting together the feast. Each representative must be shown your registration score scroll and will require some aid. Perform a task given to you, and they will give you an item to complete the banquet in wait.


- Users must register ahead of time. Registrations will close 2 hours before the event. Your name will be written on the score scroll and registered onto our list. Players who do not have a score scroll and attempt to get items from the representatives will be refused to avoid cheating.
- In lieu of this, each representative will also have a list of all players participating and check off names as they get their items. Should anyone complete the event without having their name checked off, it will be considered cheating and prizes will be refused.
- all food items will be name stamped by myself, Taggles83, so even if you know what the items are, those that are not name stamped will be considered void.
- Do not eat the food items! You will not be able to get duplicates as there will be a limited amount and to avoid cheating.
- Attempted lag outs will result in immediate disqualification. While being grouped together, we ask everyone to refrain from pet spam summoning, excessive magic usage and other visually heavy effects that may cause users to crash. As a hint: we need to host the event, and we cannot do that if we too are crashing due to this.


- You may use any means of travel. This includes traveler’s guide, continent warp, pets, mana tunnels and moon gates. It is up to you how to travel and should prepare for a race!
- It would be wise to have basic gathering skills and tools. Nothing will be required past novice rank however. The tasks will vary, and would be unfortunate to be unprepared!
- be sure to have inventory or pet space available to hold your food items.
- the number of representatives as well as where the finish line is will be announced the day of the race. This is why it’s important to arrive at the Library for final details!

Enough about Rules! What do you GET for all your efforts!?

First Prize will be a check for 5mil gold, and a code for 25k NX!
Second Place will receive 4mil, and a code for 10k NX!
Third Place will be awarded a check for 3mil in gold!

It’s our way of saying happy Holidays! We hope to see you there, and stay tuned for more Motivational fun!



  • ShoogShoog
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    I love that your guild/Mabi family still tries to give events for our server after all these years! Good luck with your event. :)
  • Taggles83Taggles83
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    Shoog wrote: »
    I love that your guild/Mabi family still tries to give events for our server after all these years! Good luck with your event. :)

    It always makes me curious to know if anyone still recognises us! While our real lives certainly make it hard sometimes to put together events, we still love to do it. 9 years for us this January as a guild and family!

    Thank you for your support! It always keeps us motivated! =)
  • Taggles83Taggles83
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    Due to time constraints, I apologize on behalf of Motivational as I need to say we must regretably cancel this event. We strive to provide fun events for the server and bring the community together in good will, but it will have to wait until a little further in the future it seems.

    That being said, we are currently working towards a bigger event for the near future, something we've never done before! And we hope that you will look forward to it very soon!

    Sincerest Apologies and Best Wishes,