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♠ Don't have a cow? ♠

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edited December 9, 2018 in Game Guides
Then get one already...
If you own a cow pet, and have rank 3 cooking, you can create a cater that is very beneficial for gathering items, life skill talents in general and Chainblade talent.

For rank 3 cooking, plain yogurt gives 56 Stamina, and 23 Luck at 4 stars. The only ingredient is a bottle of milk, and you need a Fermenting Vat and Cooking Table to make. You don't need any campfires or anything. Milk.png + Fermentation_Vat.png + Cooking_Table.png = Plain_Yogurt.png

When you have rank 1 tasting you can get on average 570 Stamina, and 240 Luck for a Plain Yogurt cater without having to spend generally anything.


This is good for Chainblade Talent, and gathering items for most lifeskills as the higher luck you have, the more Lucky Bonuses & Huge Luckies you get, and you get a boost in stamina as well.

If you own a Cow pet, but never leveled it and it's Mp, or Stamina are really low, just make a party and use Chorus to rapidly recover it's MP/stamina to gather from more.