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Mabi crash when at the login screen

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in Technical Support
So whenever I go to launch mabi everything work fine but then I get to the login screen, the username and password is blank, the sound is skipping. load for a min while playing sound and shut the game down

any ideas on how to fix this?


  • KttyKtty
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    First start by adding exception to your anti-virus, firewall and DEP for the Nexon launcher (if using that and not Steam) as well as the .exe's in the Mabi folder (not all can have a DEP exception). If all of that doesn't fix your problem we'll require more info to possibly help (windows version: 7/8/10, pc make/model, graphics make/model, launcher: Steam/Nexon). There is also the possibility that popup/ad blockers installed to your PC can cause this so shutting them off while playing Mabi may help.