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First Aid R2-R1 Quest: Handicraft Issues

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in Bugs and Glitches

During the quest: "[Holy Arts] The Feelings of One Left Behind", Stewart asks you to make a Special Guardian's Ring using the Handicraft skill. However, it doesn't exactly recognize the appropriate "ring" material. The handicraft window indicates "any Ring of a simple design". The holy water and restorative powder function as intended, but the moment a Ring varient is entered it blanks out and says nothing can be crafted with it. Upon using the Add Materials function, it says there isnt enough materials.

I've attempted multiple varients of the basic ring, including Common, Gold Band, and Celtic Knot. Each has yielded the same bug. I'm not sure if theres a specific varient that is used for the craft, but I know theres only so many ring types in the game as of current. Shown below are some screenshots to give you a more visual idea of what happens.



Character Name: Eveila
Server: Ruari