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Permanent Deer Hide

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in Bugs and Glitches
What's the issue?:
Getting stuck in crystal deer's hide permanently after the Succubus Queen uses her Sweet Illusion skill.

Steps to recreate:
1. Be mounted on a crystal deer while fighting the Succubus Queen.
2. When she uses Sweet Illusion (the soul stealing, happens when she's under 90% hp), use crystal deer's hide skill before she warps to you.
3. As she warps to you, it'll force dismount you from the deer, but it won't remove hide.
4. Cancel summon deer before the soul reaches the Queen.
At this point, you'll be stuck in hide, even if you get hit by the soul's absorption, or by anything else. You can't remount another deer and cancel it, nor can you force yourself to get hit.

What should happen instead?:
When it force dismounts you from your deer, it should unhide you as well. Another option would be for the hit to cancel the hide as it does with any other instance of hide.

Visual evidence: Human, in deer hide with lance equipped, stuck.

Looking at the steps necessary to recreate it, you wouldn't think it'd happen often, if ever, but if you're practicing phantasm solo, with lance charge or magnum, it's more likely to happen than you'd think.

IGN: Vicinity
Server: Ruairi