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How to make gold playing f2p.

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Any tips to get gold playing f2p?


  • FayeKaibaFayeKaiba
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    Run Shadow Wiz HM/Elite with friends.
  • sousukekunsousukekun
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    FayeKaiba wrote: »
    Run Shadow Wiz HM/Elite with friends.

    Thank you, any other tips/life skills/another way?

    Just for having several options.
  • NullavieNullavie
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    There are many ways to do this F2p, it all just depends on what you feel comfortable with. I've left these for you to open or not open depending on how much you want to know. Enjoy~

    There are people that use crafting talents like blacksmithing to craft chainblades or certain other high-demand weapons and armor. If you have a proficiency in synthesis, you can easily duplicate the items needed for the craft. The final product is mostly rng, but the minigames at the end allow you a chance to increase the final stats on the product. This of course increases its value for sale. If you are terrible at synthesis, you can always ask a friend to help duplicate the materials for you. You just may want to help supply them with Arat crystals and holy waters if necessary.

    If you're going to be using Magic Craft or Hilwen Engineering, There is no minigame, but the products crafted are normally great for sale. You can collect these materials from HM+ shadow missions or from Girgashiy/dragon raids. Its best to simply collect these materials over a length of time rather than trying to gather everything in less than a day.

    Another known way to make decent money is to run Baltane missions, specifically the ones that give a chest you can physically walk up to and open, like Siege Weapon or Counterattack. They will give ~50k per run on normal, and ~100k on elite. Keep in mind the abysmally low chance to get a divine weapon from said chests. If you ever manage to get one, you can sell it if you desire.

    Fragmentation Alchemy
    Once more, you can use Fragmentation alchemy to dissolve divine materials into Divine Magic Powder. I recommend if you were going to take this option, to simply go ahead and maximize Alchemy mastery and Fragmentation, as the success rates are quite painfully low otherwise. Again, friends may help if you bring them the divine material to dissolve. Divine magic powder on average sells for 800k-1m depending on the given day. Most of these divine materials come from your Baltane special unit boxes or the special squire missions, but some can be acquired from Avalon raids.

    Shadow Missions
    Spamming Elite shadow missions like TDB and Shad Wiz are great, but only if you use a decent shadow crystal with them. Sulfur Spider is also a good source of exp and gold. If sticking strictly with f2p, you'll want these crystals as cheap but as potent as possible, as to not basically just be feeding your bonus gold to the marketing player. Some spam groups are willing to share their crystals with you at no cost, so if that happens or you bring friends along, its a much smoother ride.

    Dungeon crawling has also become somewhat rewarding, depending on how you play it. Running them with groups is always most efficient, but if you're alone you can use low-tier gear thats easily repairable and clear the difficulty you can handle it with. Upgrading low-tier gear to reduce repair cost while still dealing sufficient dmg and clearing the dungeon in decent time is the whole plan for this. Most dungeon chests provide anywhere from 5-10k in gold, but additionally have a chance to drop more valuable items you can then sell or use. Certain valuable enchants may be found on items dropped from these chests, or things like Radiant string, Ruptured metal, or Shining metal shards drop from HM dungeons.

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  • Narutofire18Narutofire18
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    This video might help/give you some ideas. I particularly recommend using Baltane Squires for passive income.

  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Collect all fomor scrolls for backup.
  • DianusiaDianusia
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    Collect mushrooms and make likeability potions and poisonous mushroom stews. Also sell dropable things, and drop books from dungeons. And pages.
  • LeineiLeinei
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    Run Albey Red (drop Small Red Gem at the altar) and collect the scrolls of Skeletons/Metal Skeletons/Red Skeletons/Mimics/Imps/Wisps. This can easily net you 150k with a couple runs which are insanely easy since it wasn't affected by the dungeon update years back. =D

    Can easily get a million from that.