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MeeMochii's ♫ ART SHOP OPEN♫ [PayPal]

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If you're interested, please contact me and give me the information of your commission in the comments.
My Website MyWebsite

How To Order


IGN: summer544 Server: Mari
Charater Personality : Sassy
Art Type: Full body
Pose Ideas: (I could come up with it or you could show me a image similar to what you want)
Payment: (GOLD) or (PAY-PAL)
(Picture of the character different views)

• Give me references (The Character and details on the Personality)

• Put which type you would like: Full body, Half body, Line Art, Chibi , Couple Full Body, Couple Half body

• Will send a sketch before I start to color to make sure you like it.

• For payment, Please Pay full after I showed you the sketch with WIP over it.

• If payment is not received in 48 hours, you well be removed, and you will lose your slot.

• There will be no refunds after the art is completely done (but if it’s just a sketch you can refund)


• If you wish for your commission to not be uploaded anywhere just ask me.

• You may re-post the art on other sites, but you cannot make profit off it.

• You are NOT ALLOWED to take credit for the art.

C O M M I S S I O N - L I S T




IM making a wait list after I finish these few commissions. I'm going on a break but, i can put you guys on the waiting list if you like.
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