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Basil Pot

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So I have 3 giant characters, I need to befriend Wanst and buy a pot of basil from him to get the taunt skill, but I can't buy 3 and trade them between characters. Would one of those trade pass things that unlocks trading of an item work on those? allowing me to store a couple pots of basil in alternate characters banks? So that they don't have to go through the expensive tedium of npc befriendship?


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    To answer the trade thing: You can't use Trade Unlock potions on the Pot of Basil.

    As for befriending the NPC, the expensive tedium can be slightly bypassed.
    Instead of actually talking to an NPC and giving them Gift Items they supposedly like, instead, just use Likeability Potions.
    From a totally clean slate (Haven't talked to NPC, or NPC has forgotten the character) all it takes is 5 Likeability Potions to open up any NPC's secret shop.
    No talking involved at all. (And actually talking can hurt your ability to open the secret shop, as NPCs get stressed out from multiple conversations!)

    But if your other characters haven't talked to Wanst, then just gather 5 Likeability Potions for each Basil Pot you'd need.
    Give Wanst 5 Likeability Potions in a row, with no talking.
    Then after that, go to his Shop menu, and the Secret Shop should be open.

    Likeability Potions aren't too hard to get with the right skills.
    You can either Raft in Courcle and use the stars you earn from that to buy them from the Raft NPC.
    Or you can craft them with the Potion Making skill. (harder than just rafting)
    Or hopefully some other player is selling them for an affordable price.

    Likeability potions just make Secret Shops easy.
  • TurbotownsTurbotowns
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    Thanks for the help. ^^