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Stuff for Sale

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edited January 28, 2019 in Mari Marketplace
De-cluttering! Please note jekko in-game to offer / purchase anything! You may also contact me on Discord as jekko#5820!

(M) items:

Eluned Magic Academy Wig & Glasses 700k
Black Swan Wig & Headpiece 150k
Deputy Commander Wig & Monocle 700k
Private Academy Parted Layered Wavy Wig 2m
Private Academy Parted Layered Wavy Wig & Riding Hat 700k
Private Academy Layered Straight Cut Wig 2m
Lovely Cupid Wig & Hair Piece 2m
Magic Academy Wig 1.5m
Eluned Afternoon Tea Bonnet & Wig 7m
Brilluen Wig 800k
Awakened Tarlach Wig 800k
Sporty Layered Wig 500k
Lugh's Wig 150k
Mad Paris' Wig 200k
Romantic Feather Hat 150k

Eluned Alchemist Suit 3m
Pre-School Uniform 100k
Mad Hatter's Costume 600k
Padan's Garb 1m
Summer Weave Suit 2m
Romantic Autumnal Suit 1m
Classic Winter Outfit 100k
Royal Hunter Light Armor 3m
Waffle Wizard Suit 2m
Ukon's Outfit 2m
Eluned Chickie Pajamas 800k
Private Academy Junior Uniform 10m
Elegant Deity Special Wear 7m
Eiren Chain Slasher Outfit 3m
Special Bureaucrat's Changpao 3m

Bonita Plumed Ankle Boots 100k
Magus Crest Boots 150k
Rhetoi's Rabbit Boots 50k
Classic Winter Shoes 100k
Tea Party Shoes 300k
Debonair Groom Shoes 150k
Noble Hanbok Shoes 50k

Brilluen Half Gloves 300k
Battleborn Gloves 200k

Gender-neutral items:
Star-shaped Large Brimmed Magician Hat 1.5m
Bianca Ribbon Boots 1m

(F) items:

Abaddon Nobility Wig & Horns 1.5m
Nosuri's Wig 4m
Patissiere Wig 1.5m
Eluned Floral Fairy Earrings (Human, Elf) 100k
Mini Nurse Cap 200k
Mysterious Girl Wig 5m
Caswyn Wig (F) 1m

Police Officer Uniform 400k
See-Through Cocktail Dress 1.5m
Nurse Outfit 300k
Mini Nurse Outfit 1m
Ranger Suit 800k
Romantic Autumnal Dress 800k
Cleric Robe Outfit 1m
Enchanted Bride's Wedding Dress 5m

Police Officer Boots 100k
Bohemian Shoes 200k
Abaddon Heels 700k
Arctic Fox Blue Snowflake Shoes 800k

Meryl Hair Coupon (M) 15m
Soft Blowy Waves Hair Coupon (M) 6m
Spiky Bangs Hair Coupon (M)
Active Hair Coupon (M)
Paris Hair Coupon (M)
Avelin Hair Coupon (M)
Bright Student Hair Coupon (M)
Ronin Hair Coupon (M)
Caswyn Hair Coupon (M)
Straight Medium Cut Hair Coupon (M)
Laertes Hair Coupon (M)
Macha Hair Coupon (F)
Gleefully Smiling Mouth Coupon
Smug Mouth Coupon x2
Playful Teasing Mouth Coupon
Mischief Face Coupon (M)
Sentimental Eyes Coupon
Unnamed Apostle Transformation Medal
Zebach Tranformation Medal
Cookie Witch Transformation Medal
Succubus Fiend Transformation Medal
Skeleton Python Knight Transformation Medal
William Transformation Medal
Kyle Transformation Medal
Colton Transformation Medal
Little Ghost Transformation Medal
Trickster Transformation Medal
Cessair's Heart Transformation Medal 700k
Collen Transformation Medal 1m
Jarlath Transformation Medal 1m
Galvin Transformation Medal 1m
Eweca Meteorite Fragment x7 2m each
Monochromatic Green Pack 500k
Neamhain Flying Puppet 300k
Kristel Cheer Fan 1m