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Cooking Journal Bug doesn't update collected dishe

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edited February 15, 2019 in Bugs and Glitches
The issue:
If you eat a 4* food as a newly collected dish, the Cooking Journal should then update itself when you eat a 5* version of the same food. It doesn't (similar to the current Taming Journal bug). This is an issue because... it defeats the entire purpose of the Cooking Journal and potentially locks the player out of two quests, The Defined Palette and The Epicure.
To recreate the issue:
This is most easily done in some sort of dev environment where one can spawn in foods and otherwise enable direct viewing and manipulation of the foods that are collected in the journal. Most simply, make a fresh character, spawn in 150+ foods that are 4*, have the character collect all 150 of them, then have the character eat the same 150 foods but in 5*. They should complete the first two Cooking Journal quests, but then not be able to complete The Defined Palette, because the Journal will not have updated the 4*s into 5*s.
What I expect to happen:
The journal to update itself.

See this youtube video:

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