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Looking for comrades for playing.

Mabinogi Rep: 660
Posts: 21
in Alexina Chat
Hello there! Mabinogi is a cool game but... Alone it's just too boring -o-"
That's why I'm searching for people who would play with the newbie and clumsy person that i am.
My name in game is the same that in this forum.
I hope that I wont finish without friends in this game all my life UwU


  • JojuleJojule
    Mabinogi Rep: 530
    Posts: 2
    i'll add you! my ign is Tiarinn
  • duckmanduckman
    Mabinogi Rep: 975
    Posts: 41
    Add me to your list, seems most of my friends either moved on or have different time zones. In game Lorduckman
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