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Mafia Mini-game Curtain doesn't fall at night

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in Bugs and Glitches
4a. When playing the Mafia mini-game, the curtain that blocks player interaction with the game does not fall at night (though the Night Time pop-up does occur). All players remain able to see each other/the game room, and can chat normally if they are still alive. This is primarily a visual issue, but does have gameplay ramifications: i.e., players can still discuss things with each other in the middle of the night when they wouldn't normally be able to. This means that roles which gather information in the night can immediately dispense that information to other players, even if they die in the same night (death prevents players from speaking in general chat from that point forward, as they are moved into Spectator chat). Normally, they would not be able to reveal this information until the morning and only if they survive the night.

4b. Play a game of Mafia (via Minigame Party with at least 6 players).

4c. The curtain should fall and obscure view of the room that the game takes place in (but not of the game windows). Players should be unable to use normal chat (Mafia members and Spectators can still chat via the Mafia and Spectator chat tabs in the game window, respectively)

6. Server: Ruairi
IGN: Yamanoki