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A white/grey screen pops up when I do things

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edited March 29, 2019 in Bugs and Glitches
When I click on options,log on(secondary password),when I go in & out buildings &
when I'm choosing a character & I click start a white & grey screen pops up; the screen stays like that for about
10 seconds.. When I press the + or - keys on the numpad a white & screen pops up.
The screen stays like that for about 33 seconds. I haven't played in long time, I started playing again yesterday & this happened.
I reinstalled the game & that didn't help..


  • FedoraDanFedoraDan
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    Hey there, with certain video cards in the market Mabinogi users will run into this issue if they are playing in full screen mode. If you go into your video settings and select Windowed mode instead of Full Screen mode that should fix your Issue!
  • GretaGreta
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    edited March 30, 2019
    Pretty much this is the reason why i stopped using fullscreen now. It used to be okay, but after one update this flashing gray or white (sometimes even black) screen would occur every time when i log in, change channels or even when clicking options, sometimes it would be so bad it would flash and load forever, instead of being done within seconds like it is supposed to be.