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Battle Tab of Journal is impossible to get to 100%

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edited March 31, 2019 in Bugs and Glitches
The Battle Tab of the Journal, as of the date of this thread's posting, has 7,710 total points. Despite having done most of the game content, I only have 3,540 points. This is an issue, as players should be able to get a 100% rating on every tab of the Journal, with the exception of Race-specific Journal Entries under the Skill tab and the Seal Stone Breaker entries under the Exploration tab. Shown below is a screencapture of the Battle Tab for verification.


I have played around with some assumptions and created a spreadsheet to find the issue, and I finally managed to come up with 7,710 points based on those assumptions, and the publicly known Journal Entries.

I believe there are two main reasons for the missing points. The first is that the Journal's 'maximum possible points' is counting entries that reset when you get the 'Complete' and, in the case of Shadow Missions, 'Perfect Complete' entries. The second is that, for whatever reason, there exists an Elite entry for the 'Protect Corrib Valley' and 'The Smell of Wine' Shadow Missions, and as such, a Perfect Complete Entry for both, and the same for each of the four Theatre Missions. The issue with that is that no such content exists; I would assume that whoever programmed that part of the Journal was in a rush and simply copying over code from prior Shadow Missions, which do have Elite/Perfect Complete, without considering that some Shadow Missionss, and the Theatre Missions themselves, are different.

I will showcase my math below.

If we assume that every Shadow Mission has an Elite and Perfect Complete Entry, that means each Shadow Mission contains 170 total points worth of entries (10 points each for Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Hard, and Elite (50 total), 50 points for Complete, and 70 points for Perfect Complete). There are 25 Shadow Missions that have varying levels of difficulty, so 170 multiplied by 25, or 4,250 points worth of entries.

Under the same assumptions, each Theatre Mission would contain 170 total points worth of entries. There are 4 Theatre missions, so 680 points.

Some Uladh Dungeon difficulties have not been implemented in game yet either, but if we assume the entries are there, each Dungeon should have 90 points worth of entries (10 points each for Normal, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced, and 50 points for Complete). There are 9 normal dungeons and 3 HM dungeons that this applies to, so 90 points multiplied by 12 dungeons, or 1,080 points. If we count in the 10 points from each of the Castle Dungeons (Which lack varying difficulty), or 40 points, that brings it up to 1,120 points.

The Iria Dungeons work similarly to Uladh, only Maiz, Karu, and Longa only have 3 individual entries, and Par has 2 individual entries. That means 80 points for each of Maiz, Karu, and Longa, and 70 points for Par, or (80 X 3) + 70 = 310 points.

The Finnaichaide Dungeon has 3 different settings (Curiosity, Fear, Sorrow) each with 3 levels of difficulty (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, each worth 10 points), and a Complete Entry. That means 80 points each, or 240 points.

The Alban Knights Training Grounds has 5 different difficulties, each worth 10 points, and a Complete entry worth 50 points. That means 110 total points.

Rabbie Phantasm is not included in with the Rabbie Dungeon difficulty set, and its entry is worth 10 points.

In the Martial Arts Tournament, there are 8 possible teams you can face in the Final, and you get 30 points for each entry. Additionally, you get 50 points for defeating Fleta in the Final Round. So, 8 multiplied by 30 is 240, plus 50 points for Fleta is 290 points.

There are 7 Bandits you can hunt, and each of their entries is worth 20 points. That works out to 140 points.

There are 3 S Rank SM entries (Guardian of Parthalon, Red Dragon, and Underground Waterway. Each are worth 30 points, for a total of 90 points.

There are 3 Lord-rank SMs, each worth 30 points, for a total of 90 points.

There are 6 Baltane Missions, each worth 10 points. Only the regular difficulty gives points, not the Elite. So, 60 total points.

100 PvP Wins is an entry worth 20 points.

A Born Gladiator is an entry worth 10 points.

There are 5 different Raids you can undertake in Avalon, each of which has a Journal entry worth 10 points for a total of 50 points.

There are 3 Tech Missions, each with 3 difficulty levels worth 10 points each, and a Complete entry worth 50 points. This means 80 points per Tech Mission, multiplied by 3 missions for 240 points.

Altogether, this is 4,250 + 680 + 1,120 + 310 + 240 + 110 + 10 + 290 + 140 + 90 + 90 + 60 + 20 + 10 + 50 + 240, or 7,710 points on the dot.

I can't verify this myself, obviously, but it seems very unlikely that this would just happen to add up to the total points that the Battle Tab displays in the Journal.

It is my suspicion that the Journal was programmed this way to introduce parity in the Royal Alchemist competition, such that someone couldn't simply complete their Journal to gain a massive advantage in scoring, but there is no reason for the Journal to calculate a 'maximum point total' in such a way that nobody can reach it. I would expect that maximum point total to be set to a static value, not a summation of all existing Journal Entries' value.

My character is Zairak on the Tarlach Server.