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The talent story quest aren't working.

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edited April 19, 2019 in Help
My character is a Ninja, I've equipped a Shuriken & I have the Shuriken Mastery skill but, I hadn't gotten any skill quests. So I reinstalled the game & rebirthed my character. I got one skill quest & I did the quest but, after that I didn't get anymore skill quests. The same thing happens in the Chain Talent.


  • KttyKtty
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    edited April 19, 2019
    The ninja questline may not be under the skill tab... The first quest in it is Shadow of Suspicion. It is an entire sidequest line with its own story.
  • DraechDraech
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    Also, make sure you rebirth into the appropriate talent. Just rebirthing won't give you these Skill quests. Moreover, keep in mind that some quests may take a certain amount of time before appearing (sometimes around 1 in-game day, though sync issues may delay it by up to an hour).

    And finally, my girlfriend noticed that starting out as Ninja with a fresh character may require you to rebirth out of the talent, then back into it in order to get the Ninja storyline.