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The Character Outfit Magazine Challenge

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edited February 17, 2017 in Tarlach Chat
Since Mari has a forum for showing off outfits, I figured why not make showing off Tarlach's PCs a bit more fun? This one is easy, just come up with a ToS friendly name for your outfit, share a screenshot (a Blingee or GIF would be good too) and list everything you used in it. To up the game, post some seasonal outfits in one batch or list out the amount of gold you spent on it as an actual price tag you'd see in a fashion magazine!

Darkpixie99's Collection:

Little Boy Blue
An adorable twist on a classic tale, fit for fans of genderbending.

Head: Waffle Wizard Wig
Outfit: Wild Card Suit
Shoes: Butler Shoes (For Male Partners)
~May cost approximately $5 for the Wild Card Set for a limited time and 2-4mil on the marketplace

Foxy Schoolgirl
Girls who often spout out "I-It's not like I'm into you or anything, stupid!" are likely to enjoy this outfit.
Warning: Not responsible for the wearer being reported for skipping school.

Head: Wiggling Kitsune Headband
Outfit:Smart Student Uniform (F)
Shoes: Millia's Exploration Boots
Tail: Fluffy Rurutie Tail
~May cost approximately 17mil on the marketplace

Trusty Sidekick
Always there for the hero? Maybe you just prefer to observe and let others solve the problem for you.
Then you should probably start thinking of how this outfit would best suit you.
Head: Cross Empire Wig (M)
Outfit: Eluned Detective Outfit (M)
Shoes: Battleborn Shoes (M)
~Costs approximately 9mil on the marketplace

The Aloof New Hero
Want to have long hair and a stern face with awesome armor? No?
Then, why not make others keep guessing about your true identity?
Head: Shaman Wig (M)
Outfit: Lugh's Armor
Shoes: Prince Boots
~May cost up to 3mil in dyes while up to 3mil for the outfit itself on the market with varying prices for the wig


  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
    Mabinogi Rep: 8,440
    Posts: 1,701
    Why am I the only one adding outfits so far? Coulda sworn at least the RPGuild would eat this page up...
  • xBernkastelxxBernkastelx
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,405
    Posts: 59
    edited February 18, 2017
    Kitty Cat


    Odd-eye Kitty Helm (F)
    Odd Kitty Suit (F)

    Price: A fair amount of catnip

    Killa Queen!


    Succubus Queen Set

    Price: Alot of Chocolate Milk

    The Scarlet Devil
    The Scarlet Vampire and her trusted Maid


    Iris Nightcap
    Crinoline Dress
    Crinoline Shoes
    Lace Umbrella(Sunlight is a nono!)
    Incubus Wings

    Price: Some exotic teas or an interesting story

  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
    Mabinogi Rep: 8,440
    Posts: 1,701
    I might put my cat outfit in if i knew how to properly put images in lol

    It's actually not that hard, assuming you copy the screenshot's image link rather than the page you saved it on with whatever screenshot url site you used.
  • ZoominZoomin
    Mabinogi Rep: 310
    Post: 1
    Royal Prince Circlet
    Mortello's Pitch Black Suit
    Devil Boots
    Brilluen Half Glove (M)
    Fluffy Kuon Tail
    Merciless Divine Frostblossom Wings
  • MissFortuneMissFortune
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,510
    Posts: 349
    edited February 20, 2017
    The Spring Bunny
    Tea Party Rabbit Wig
    Atui's Outfit
    Nekone's Shoes
    Glove of Extravoganza

    Price: All the chocolate bunnies on easter.
  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
    Mabinogi Rep: 8,440
    Posts: 1,701
    edited March 17, 2017
    Spritely Oriental Sakura
    Are you adorable? Do you like showing off your mischievous side? Then this outfit is perfect for you!
    Outfit: Romantic Autumnal Dress
    Shoes: Theatrical Troupe Boots (F)
    ~Costs a little event participation and only one unlucky gachapon opening.

    Merry The Salamander
    They say there's another Christmas NPC hidden in ALO, but turns out it's just another player selling the usual items.
    Head: Eluned Floral Fairy Earrings (Human/Giant F)
    Outfit: Battleborn Outfit (F)
    Shoes: Eluned Gym Teacher Sneakers
    Wings: Salamander Wings (SAO limited time tie up, only available in player shops.)
    ~Costs sincere holiday cheer.

    Merry The Salamander 2.0
    ALO recently received a Cook Off event, and Merry can't wait to show off her cooking skills!
    First Set:
    Head: Patisserie Hat and Wig (F)
    Outfit: Battleborn Outfit (F)
    Shoes: Eluned Gym Teacher Sneakers (F)
    Wings: Salamander Wings (SAO limited time tie up, only available in player shops.)
    Second Set:
    Head: Patisserie Hat and Wig (F)
    Outfit: Patisserie Uniform (F)
    Shoes: Patisserie Shoes (F)
    Wings: Salamander Wings (SAO limited time tie up, only available in player shops.)
    ~Costs sincere dedication to Pastry Making
  • NearlyNearly
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,150
    Posts: 101
    Grizzled Grandpa


    Odran Outfit
    Odran Gloves
    Frankenstein Boots (Wish I could complete Odran set...)
    A magnificent beard.

    Cost: Respect from the grand-children.
  • ChoppusticksChoppusticks
    Mabinogi Rep: 510
    Posts: 3
    edited February 24, 2017
    Is it ok if they're not my characters? I love stalking snapping other peoples cute chars

    Custard Pudding by Niyuu
    Glamour Beret
    Lymilark Choir Outfit
    Astrologer Ankle Boots

    Shadow Prince by shadowprince
    He was so dark I thought my graphics were malfunctioning.
    Cat Helm
    Muffler Robe
    Buckle Belt Boots & Leather Hand Gloves

    Pink Raccoon by Jessika024 (This one might be from Alexina)
    Pierrot Clothes
    Cat Cape Shoes & Cores' Thief Gloves(?)
    SAO Yui Counseling Program
    Tanuki Anju Mini-Gem

    Mami Tomoe by Berlettes
    Macaroon Mistress Hat & Wig
    Emerald's Classic Celtic Ensemble
    Spika Two-piece Boots
  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
    Mabinogi Rep: 8,440
    Posts: 1,701
    @Choppusticks I don't see a problem with it as long as the other players don't mind.
  • NessvsgigasNessvsgigas
    Mabinogi Rep: 525
    Posts: 4
    edited February 27, 2017
    Tired of having to endlessly stick to a "style of the season"? Do you love all holidays equally and constantly advocate season equality? Then surely, this is the outfit for you! Confuse bystanders with a little mix of symbols from Christmas, Easter, and Halloween in your stylish ensemble!
    Disclaimer: Your Homestead will not be as holiday-challanged as you are upon wearing this outfit.

    Jack o' Lantern Flying Puppet
    Snow Bunny Nordic Beanie (M)
    Lively Snowflake Coat (M)
    Old Saint Nick Boots (M)
    Eluned Bunny Parka Bracelet (M)
    Merciless Divine Frostblossom Wings

    Total Price: Your holiday integrity
    Don't be out of season! Be in season every season!
  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
    Mabinogi Rep: 8,440
    Posts: 1,701
    edited March 30, 2017
    Astute Student
    Ever see that magic student who isn't just mysterious, but skilled in combat and archery as well?
    This is the party member you'll wish to be.

    Head: Pitch Black Eyepatch and Wig
    Body: Battleborn Outfit (M)
    Shoes: Illusion Shoes (M)
    Hands: Royal Hunter Gloves (M)

    ~May cost you a wish that you had bought a Carasek Bag Coupon instead

    The Partner in Training
    Not quite happy with a partner looking richer than you?
    Maybe you just want the gender to look confusing, but either way this was good enough for them to accept.
    Outfit: Party Ensemble (M)
    Shoes: Royal Shoes (M)
    ~Costs 50k and one failed Gacha

    The Roughhouser
    Got that tough guy look to go with that tough guy tude?
    This outfit is for you dude.
    Outfit: Bassino's Costume (G15)
    Shoes: Smart Student Slip Ons
    Gloves: Butler Gloves (For Male Partners)
    ~Costs a shattered vase or two...or twelve

    The I'm Too Stuck Up To Look Away From This Good Book
    Have a habit of flaunting your wealth and not caring about skill ranks?
    Then girl, you need to try this out!
    Head: Pierrot Wig
    Outfit: Royal Academy Casual Uniform (F)
    Shoes: Lisabeth Shoes (SAO tieup event exclusive, only available in player shops)
    ~The cost? Oh, you can find it in that fashion magazine in the library...but copying trends is so outdated, isn't it?

    The New Newb
    New and not sure which armor is the best?
    Why care when you can Fashionogi your way up skill ranks!
    Head: Caswyn Wig
    Outfit: Thames Armor
    Shoes: Graceful Greaves
    Sword: Short Sword
    Shield: Round Shield
    ~Costs some scrutiny from your fellow high levels as an absurd waste of time and gold

    The Admiral On Deck
    Ever want to be captain of some knights? Now you can look the part!
    Head: Romeo Wig (F)
    Outfit: Avelin's Armor
    Gloves: Avelin's Gauntlets
    Shoes: Avelin's Greaves
    ~This outfit sails to port only once in a generation!

    Faithful Natural Spirit
    The highest rank of spirits is the fairy, but who needs to show off rank when you can show off beauty?
    Head: Braided Pigtail with Charms (F)
    Outfit: Eluned Floral Fairy Outfit (F)
    Shoes: Samba Festival Heels (F)
    Wings: Tiny Holy Guardian Angel Wings
    ~May cost up to 4mil and event participation