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Pummel Additional Hits and Final Hit Bug?

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edited February 10, 2017 in Help
I'm noticing a problem with pummel
I can activate the skill just fine using any of the keys on the hotbar.
however once activated i can under no circumstances get the additional or final hits to activate.
i have tried pressing the prompted key F2 rapidly, slowly, holding it, and pressing it for different amounts of time and even tried timing the start of the pressing to different times, i have repeated these experiments for actually clicking the icon with the mouse as well as 3 different num pad keys.

I can not train pummel any higher because i can't complete the training reqs, thus this isn't just inconvenient but it stops me from accessing content.

i have tried numerous different monsters in different locations, and as for my personal information i have a very fast strong connection to the internet and i am running on a strong gaming laptop.

please provide methods i could try to get this to work, even if it is a nuisance, i would like to be able to use pummel in anyway to the fullest.

tl;dr Pummel final hit doesn't activate despite all the possible buttons related to it work under every other circumstance


  • KororeKorore
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    edited February 10, 2017
    I tried this myself, Pummel is working fine for me.

    In order to get all the hits in Pummel (3 phases of hits), the monster must survive long enough for you to progress to each phase. If the monster dies, it won't allow you to keep pummeling.

    You usually hit the F2 button about 10 or so times in quick secession and you'll see an "OK" replace the key, meaning you've hit it enough.

    So in conclusion, try finding a monster with high HP that won't die before the final hit, and use pummel and see if you can get to the final hit.
  • kensartokensarto
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    This will likely be the solution to my problem, I didn't think about whether or not the death of a monster would cancel the animation and skill. I will test this now, but since you said it was working I will happily assume that at the very least it's an issue on my end.

    Thank you for your time and response.