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Notice about Disclaimers

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Hello Milletians,

Recently, there has been an increase of comments with the following message:

"DISCLAIMER: since the following post is not made by an employee of Nexon or any of its affiliates or partners, what is contained therein is ultimately speculation. Until Nexon or any of its affiliates or partners has spoken definitively on the matters to be discussed, do not take them as granted, even if the language used happens to make it seem so."

Please let it be known that this "disclaimer" or any disclaimer added to any comment DOES NOT exempt you from the rules of spreading FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt). All comments are subject to moderation as agreed on when creating an account and posting on the forums. While we understand that a lot of you are concerned with the upcoming Server Merge, that does not give you the right to spread any kind of misinformation about the merge, regardless of what has happened in the past with either name changes, marriages, etc. Rest assured, we are testing the merge to ensure that everything goes smoothly when we merge Mari, Ruairi, and Tarlach.


- The Mabinogi Team
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