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Did Squire Conversations change recently?

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I just got to Baltane just recently and got my special units. Got to meet all of them, picked the ones I liked and then found about the conversation likability mechanic and at first it didn't seem too bad. Found out that 2 of the characters I want have the easiest and then Elsie, who apparently has one of the hardest of the 6.. Fair enough, I'll just look through the internet for help and found a spreadsheet and a tool for guessing the pattern and tried it out... Only to have the 2nd pattern be a dislike.. I don't think it's random for each player but yeah I got the instructions on how to use the guide.. Are those obsolete now and they changed the pattern in the time that guide was posted and now?


  • DragoolfireDragoolfire
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    That has never made sence to me, I honestly don’t think those ever worked right to begin with.
  • GretaGreta
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    edited June 9
    They work pretty fine, but you need to find the pattern which you were left off.
    You sure you weren't attempting to chat with her some time before?
    Can you also link the spreadsheet that you were using? I might have a better one if it's something else than the one that i used.
    I should get back to Baltane Squires as well lol. I totally abandoned them.
  • EraleaEralea
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    The pattern is correct, your understanding of how it works is wrong.

    At specific likeability levels, a special conversation will occur that overrides the default pattern. For Elsie, the first keyword will grant you just enough likeability to trigger the first special conversation, so the second keyword is overridden by the special convo keyword (i.e. you had to use Training instead of Playing).

    If your likeabilty has gone down because you missed the special convo, you need to go back to the normal pattern to reach that likeability level again, and then use the special convo keyword.