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B>Homestead Items

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edited June 9, 2019 in Nao Marketplace
HS item buying list:

B>HS Hydrangea Garden 400k
B>HS Hydrangea Planter 400k
B>HS Heavenly Flowerbed 4.5m
B>HS Wheat/Barley 50k ea?
B>HS Spring Shrubbery 1m ea
B>HS Wild Chrysanthemums 500k/ea
B>HS Rapa+Pink Rose Tiles (Partial/Full both will do!) 400k/ea
B>HS Romantic Rose Candle 500k
B>HS Tulip Garden Plot 800k


Mail if possible, thank you! > v < /)
PS.: I've only checked average AH prices today, but I'm willing to go higher if they increase. Note offers if you think they're worth more!