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Bought NX in the wrong account

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I submitted a ticket already, but I'm still very anxious >_<
I bought NX on another account which was created by mistake, and since the email I used for that account is my main email, I often use that by mistake. I know, I'm an idiot TwT

I can't even gift the items because my characters on the different accounts are in different servers. Ahhhh I hate myself so much

I wonder if they'd allow a transfer? Has anyone else experienced this by any chance?


  • ShoogShoog
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    Do you have any extra character cards you can create with the account that has NX? Then you could make a character on the server that your main account is on. If you do not have any more character cards, have you gotten the two assistant character cards? Here's the page on the wiki that tells how to get those two cards. http://wiki.mabinogiworld.com/view/Character_Cards#Assistant_Character_Cards

    Just wondering if any of those solutions might be helpful or not. ^^
  • ConnConn
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    I believe I do, thank you! I never thought of that xD
    That'd be my last resort, as much as possible I'd like for it to be done on my main account.. but let's see what happens, my fingers are crossed *-*