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S/T> Pets

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Ihave a bunch of pets and it's getting crowded >^<....
I'm willing to trade some, and sell some. you can reply to this thread or hit me up on mabi theincubus+mari

Not 100% on pricing, offers welcome!, willing to do bundles or whatever. The pets aren't in adoption medals yet so I will have to base it off of demand and will get the pets to you as fast as I can get to the store to get the prepaid nx for medals xD.
(the paparazzi hoppers are in medals though)

what I have.
1 Mir Dragon. 9m Sold!
1 Tuan 7m Sold!
5 cosmic stalion 2.5m (each)
2 paparazzi hopper 5m (each)
1 paparazzi sheep 6m
1 battle Pegasus 3m
2 Pegasus 3m (each)
1 phoenix 5m
1 panda 5m
2 holiday mini bear 2.5m (each)
black hedgehog Traded!
white hedgehog Traded!
1 cirque sheep 7m

make offers?
1 "nine tailed fox" ((5 tails)) 15m or offer
1 Red eye ceranus ??? offer
2 brown fox ??? offer
1 silver fox ???
1 mini bear ???
2 gray wolves ???
1 Afghan hound ???

I also have a queen succubus ear and wig thing idk if i'm willing to sell it because i'm theincubus and all, but we will see. I'll entertain offers
( if I turn you down it's probably just cause i'm a sentimental idiot;;)

what I want
(this list is always changing and has expensive items and items i'm not sure of average pricing. I'm mostly looking to trade pets or sell items, because my wealth goes from 40m-5m real quick xD) Its basically a wish list.

First to the pets
Fantasia fallen fairy
floral fairy
( Meany sheep, Smarmy sheep, Brainy sheep, and Cutie sheep)
flying food truck
scooter imp

Any items I want...?
incubus wings (go figure)
fluffy wolf tail