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Weaving Queue

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I just accidentally made TWO alpaca leather pouches. I Specifically UNCHECKED the queue items box after seeing that "add materials" put all my alpaca fur in the required materials. isn't that what the queue items box is for? How do i only make one of an Item? I don't want to accidentally waste more materials for items i don't need in the future.


  • aeternitisaeternitis
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    Been there, done that.

    Don't use your alpaca fur pouch. Instead place the exact amount of fur needed for one item in the weaving window.
  • EraleaEralea
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    To clarify, unchecking the queue allows you to make ALL the possible items from your available materials in one go. It's convenient when you want to mass-produce things quickly. It's not for making only a single item.
  • NemurikoAlexinaNemurikoAlexina
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    A bit of additional information regarding the 'Queue Items' checkbox:
    If the box is checked, 1 item will be crafted at a time. If unchecked, all items will be crafted at once. For training and quests, this only counts as 1 craft.
    If the item being crafted has a quality, such as fabric/silk, all items crafted at once with an unchecked box will be the same quality.
    For Grandmaster Apothecary's ability which produces multiple potions each craft, making 20 potions at once will count as a single craft, and will not multiply the bonus potions by 20. It is recommended to always leave the box checked to make use of this ability.