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Erg weapons look so cool

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in Alexina Chat
I just wanted to post how I feel about erg weapons..

I saw an elf with a erg bow spamming crash shot so fast.

And a ing giant with a level 35 knuckles

And cylinders are spamable when erg leveling is complete

Not all items required to further level it will disappear if it fails:

The gold plates, ingots divine minerals will disappear. But ancient monster core and signed armor/gear won't disappear.

I think this is giving me hope and to give it a try finally :)
  1. Do you think erg weapons are worth the effort?5 votes
    1. Yee!
       40% (2 votes)
    2. Nee!
       60% (3 votes)


  • WallSeriesWallSeries
    Mabinogi Rep: 330
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    did u look at the rank up % on wiki at lv15? 30%
    and lv45, r9 to 10??? 0.3%.... unless ur hella loaded, idk how u gonna manage that