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Elephant for commerce missing as option.

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in Help
im not sure if its a glitch or something else...i was commerceing with my elephant and turned in goods, commerce skill went from rank 6 to 5. i went to grab more good and the elephant no longer showed up as an option, is this because of my current commerce rank or is this a problem?
*i also checked orge incase for some reason id have to rebuy the elephant but no option like that showed


  • AlymereAlymere
    Mabinogi Rep: 530
    Posts: 7
    Same here! During the event, I was able to use the Pack Elephant once. I didn't check directly after turning in goods, but when I went to commerce again later there was no option for the Pack Elephant. Is the Rental Wagon messing with the options shown? My Commerce Skill rank is 1, my lowest-level town is Dunbarton at 4 (others around 6-8), and I also tried going to the Ogre to see if I had to re-purchase the elephant, but nothing showed up there, either.
    So yeah, thinking that Rental Wagon... >.>
  • rabbitwarrabbitwar
    Mabinogi Rep: 580
    Posts: 8
    It's still there, under the wagon, but to reach it you have to scroll down in the list using a mouse wheel.