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Namechange 'character has item in cash shop' issu

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edited June 25, 2019 in Technical Support
I've relogged into the game twice now to check my cash shop inventory because I'm being told I have an item when I definitely do not. I have also made sure none of the other limitations apply either. I'm now possibly going to miss out on getting my name for seemingly no reason, none of my characters have anything in the cash shop and I haven't purchased anything since 2015, seriously?

Not sure what I should do at this point, this is extremely frustrating.

EDIT: Now the names taken, thanks guys. Also, can't delete this post after finding the known issue page for this, which I swear wasn't there right at the start.


  • asnscorpioasnscorpio
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    edited June 25, 2019
    If you look on the bottom half. They noted there's an error with the cash shop item. So if you had items left in seems to be glitched and you will need to submit a ticket.

    If you had no items in the cash shop and it does's a glitch as well.