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Alchemy: Demonic Hellfire Cylinder +5 fire upgrade

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edited February 12, 2017 in Help
Hey everyone. I decided to finally upgrade the Hellfire I've gotten recently, I "Fire Alchemy" upgraded it with a sequence like this: 8+2+2+3. After that I should be able to do the +5 upgrade of Fire "Element Alchemy Skill's Damage".
However, this upgrade is not listen in Eabha or Heledd's upgrades.
So I thought, maybe the upgrade is not discovered yet? I read that upgrade discoveries reset every week, but I don't know if this is true.
If it does not reset, then how is it possible that nobody has found the 5th upgrade yet since Royal Alchemist was released...?

Unless I don't understand something here.
I've been asking everywhere, nobody knows so far...
I even talked to someone who had a +20 hellfire cylinder, so it SHOULD be possible to upgrade the +5th somewhere, right?