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See-Through Cursor on 4k Screen

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in Technical Support
[See Image Below]

So as the the title says my sursor in game is see through on my 42" 4k screen. Other screens work fine, just not this one.
It works when I am on full screen but not windowed, however I can't play in fullscreen because it makes my cursor not appear where it actually is (Aproximately 3 inches to the right and 3 inches lower of where it actually is).

Things I have tried to fix the problem:
Run As Admin
Installing on ssd and HD
Adding the client.exe and mabinogi.exe as exceptions to my anti-virus
Run in Compatibility mode for win 8
Change dpi settings to let system take control
Disable full screen optimizations
Update drivers

System info:
Windows 10
GTX 1080ti
I7 4790k
24gb DDR3 RAM
Screen in question: Samsung 42" 4k Smart TV