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B>Gear + Rare Items, S>Old Gacha Things

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edited August 18, 2019 in Nao Marketplace
Looking to buy a bunch of gear and sell a ton of old gacha stuff, note Nightslice if you're interested!

Buying List (Note me price and we can negotiate):
***Highly preferred 3 lines for all reforged gear***
-Final Hit Duration 18+ or Crash Shot Max Fragments 4+ Light Armor
-Magnum Shot 3 Accessory
-Final Hit Teleport Distance 18+ Boots
-Clean Bhafel Hunter (Note me stats to negotiate price)
-Bhafel Huntress (90m)
-Rin Tohsaka/Illyasveil/Saber Support Puppet
-Black Bag Coupon

Selling List (Note offers for anything):
***All pets are level/age 1***
(Only have two adoption medals for now so two max)
Out of medals for now but if you want to reserve any pets here let me know!
-Red Eye Ceraunus (15m)
-Spirit of Tuan x2 (10m each)
-Battle Pegasus x3 (5m each)
-Paparazzi Sheep (10m)
-Gloomy Sheep (7m)
-Cutie Sheep (7m)

-Elucidator (8m)
-Dark Repulser (8m)

-Liberator Sword (3m)
-Liberator Shield (3m)
-Lambent Light (4m)
-R1 2 line Black Dragon Knight Bow (Fury of Connous Min Damage 12, Min Injury Rate 7) (4m)
-Garden Basic Banana (30m) (25m w/unlock)
-Excalibur (5m)
-R1 Crystal Lightning Wand x3 (500k each)
-R2 Crystal Lightning Wand (300k)
-R2 Crown Ice Wand x2 (300k each)
-Valkyrie Shield x2 (1m)
-Shelter Celtic Crossbow (1m)
-R1 Obsidian Champion Knuckle (5m)
-Wireless Concert Mic x3 (2.5m each)
-Rebis Guard Cylinder (3m)

Outfit Sets:
***Preferred to sell these as sets, not individual items***
-Rin Tohsaka Set (Wig/Outfit/Shoes) (10m)
-Saber Armor Uniform Set (Wig/Gauntlets/Greaves/Armor) (10m)
-Avelin Armor Set (Armor/Greaves/Gauntlets/Wig) (6m)
-SAO Kirito Set (6m)
-Kagamine Rin Set (Headset[Giant/Human]/Outfit/Shoes)(10m)
-Kagamine Len Set (Original Colors) (Headset/Outfit/Shoes) (6m)
-Battle School Set F (8m)
-Justice Set F (Hat/Boots/Outfit) (5m)
-Vampire Hunter Set F (Hat/Outfit/Gloves/Boots) (5m)
-Bell Fox Set F (Ornament/Outfit/Gloves/Shoes) (5m)
-Macaron Mistress Set (Hat/Dress/Shoes) (4m)
-Ronin Set F (Wig/Outfit/Shoes) (4m)
-Shamaness Set F (Outfit/Shoes/Gloves) (4m)
-Mystic Cirque Set F (Outfit;/Gloves/Shoes/Headpiece) (5m)
-Queen of Hearts Set (Outfit/Shoes/Gloves/Crown) (4m)
-Suspiciously Blinged Out Set (Costume/Mask/Shoes) (2m)
-Black Swan Set F (Wig With or Without Headpiece/Outfit/Shoes) (4m)

-Witch Scathach Costume (4m)
-Ninja Anju Outfit + Boots (10m)
-Battleborn Outfit F (8m)
-Reaper Outfit F (3m)
-Mana Reduction 5 Karis Wizard Suit (2m)
-ALO Asuna Outfit (7m)
-Laighlinne Minimal Hunting Garmet + Boots (4m)
-Magus Crest Outfit F (3m)
-Old Saint Nick Outfit + Boots F (5m)
-Hatsune Miku Outfit (8m)
-R1 Starlet Circle Outfit F (3m)
-Dowra Outfit (4m)

-Wiggling Droopy Dog Ear Headband (1m)
-Dowra Wig x2 (1m each)
-ALO Asuna Wig (4m)

-Black Ombre Sacred Feather Wings (10m)
-Red Angel Wings (8m)

-Neamhain/Macha/Morrighan Flying Puppets (500k each)

Doll Bags:
-Archer/Rin/Illyasveil Doll Bag Box (8m)

Shop Bags:
-Archer/Saber/Rin/Illyasveil Bag Coupon (8m)
-Rose Wreath Tia Bag x7 (200k each)

2nd Title Coupons:
-Merchant Imp (500k)
-Neamhain x2 (1m each)
-Hamlet x2 (1.5m each)
-Pan x2 (1m each)
-Aer (3m)
-Carasek (1m)
-Morrighan (3m)
-Kaour (6m)
-Logan (7m)
-Ram (1m)

Beauty Coupons:
-Steampunk Inventress Hair F (5m)
-Hypnotized Eyes (1.5m)
-Smoky Makeup Eyes (4.5m)

Crafting Manuals:
-Shield of Avon Blacksmith Manual (3m)
-Rosemary Gloves Manual x3 (8m each)
-Dragon Shield Manual (2m)
-Tribal Bird Robe Manual (10m)

Skill Training Potions:
-Thunder x2 (300k each)
-Mana Crystallization (400k)
-Healing (1m)
-Windmill (500k)
-Critical Hit (200k)
-Synthesis (4m)
-Metal Conversion (400k)
-Act 7: Climactic Crash x2 (500k)
-Act 9: Invigorating Encore (750k)
-Heat Buster (300k)
-Berserk (100k)
-Ice Mastery (150k)
-Enchant (6m)
-Ice Spear (750k)
-Icebolt (350k)

-Commerce Reforging Tool x4 (1m each)
-Platinum Hammer x8 (2m each)
-Rusty Hammer x3 (800k each)
-Crystal Hammer x6 (3m each)
-Golden Hammer x4 (1.5m each)
-Ceraunus Chair (1m)
-Crusader 2x Exp Potion (30 mins) x13 (200k each)
-Mystery of Karu Forest (500k)
-Abbadon Wear Dye Amp Set x15 (4.5m each or 4m each if you buy 10 or more at once)
-Hundreds of Gems (Note me type/size and we can work something out)
-Fine Gem Powder x52 (200k each)
-Regular Gem Powder x24 (30k each)
-Red Dragon of the Shadow Realm Pass (Int x3/Adv x2/Hard x2) (500k/750k/1m each)

If you're interested in anything above, note Nightslice in game! I'm willing to negotiate on most items!
Also, a lot of dyes/enchants/burns/beauty coupons will be added at a later date, if you're interested in any dyes or beauty coupons that aren't listed at the moment pm me the color code or type and I can look, I have mountains of them.


  • PrincessmeyaPrincessmeya
    Mabinogi Rep: 785
    Posts: 57
    edited July 30, 2019
    I will buy the cutie sheep

  • NightsliceNightslice
    Mabinogi Rep: 500
    Posts: 16
    Morrhigan flying puppet, Red Eye Ceraunus, Cutie Sheep sold!

    Out of pet medals for now but I will reserve pets if anyone's interested!
  • PrincessmeyaPrincessmeya
    Mabinogi Rep: 785
    Posts: 57
    i want to reserve the other sheep you have please?
  • NightsliceNightslice
    Mabinogi Rep: 500
    Posts: 16

    Bought Bhafel Hunter
  • NightsliceNightslice
    Mabinogi Rep: 500
    Posts: 16
    edited August 18, 2019

    Bought Bhafel Huntress, One Mag Shot 3 accessory

    Sold SAO Kirito set, Elucidator, Dark Repulser, Excalibur, All Abaddon dye sets, Enchant & Synthesis training pots, BDK Bow
  • DevnikolousDevnikolous
    Mabinogi Rep: 100
    Post: 1
    I'll buy the Elucudator, Dark Repulsor, and Kirito Set.