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The Tara Jousting Mini-Game

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The Tara Jousting mini-Game is often described as "just Rock/Paper/Scissors". It does share a lot with Rock/Paper/Scissors: every choice loses to at least one other choice and beats at least one other choice. Whereas Rock/Paper/Scissors, as designed, is purely random people are not. So, psychology, and of course luck, are involved in playing both games. But in the Tara Jousting Mini-Game, not all choices are equal. As such it does have strategy and tactics. For a while now, I've been preparing an ever-growing set of lessons on the intricacies of the game: it's strategies, counter strategies, and counter-counter strategies. They can be found here.

Official preliminary matches are held Monday to Saturday at 7P and 10P, in the time zone that the game is hosted, and are held on every server channel. Prelinaries are all one round so you only face one opponent. If you can win two of these in the same week, you get a ticket to the finals which are held Sunday at 7P, on channel 2 only. It is a simple elimination tournament where contestants are matched randomly.

Come on out and enjoy Mabinogis "Game of Kings". Come on out and join the folks whom poke.