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edited September 29, 2019 in Nao Marketplace
I ended up with way more than I wanted so I wanted to post them here for anyone before I tossed them up onto the marketplace! ALL PRICES NEGOTIABLE, I DO LOWER THAN AUCTION HOUSE PRICE!. Click the links for an image of the hair! You can get hold of me through the forums or in-game. Player name: Acadine

Two Block Pomade Hair- 10K https://gyazo.com/af71d647a8debbef64a0e93b1d9a872e
Cosmic Prince Hair - 100k https://gyazo.com/68aa169c850ef7867e933d59a10be527
Soft Blowy Waves - 150k https://gyazo.com/ed4aa72594d8c46ddeb55d1011295635
Summer Vacation Hair- 10K https://gyazo.com/5460cd01e3262078f9ffe541d31a4bd7
Bright Student Hair-25k https://gyazo.com/683d46c25f554039f391df9c1e2438a4
Active Hair- 25K https://gyazo.com/9b7d885aff9f30cbf6e456816c979f01
Natural Dread Half Up Style- 150K https://gyazo.com/8ac2ad975b467003ce1a7bef008fdb78
Choppy Pompadour-10K https://gyazo.com/2f19f24c36582bfe29e830981523532d
Shaman Hair-70K https://gyazo.com/a79e34c246adeb0b72154890811be39d
Patissier Hair-500K
Odran Hair beauty coupon - 300K
Steampunk Inventor Hair- 700K
Divine Demigod Hair 50K
Count Cookie Hair - 100K
Tussled Medium Cut- SOLD

Samba Festival Hair-SOLD

Spiral-Tip Twin Tails- SOLD https://gyazo.com/f33e09c2d09923ca115db92805225677
Rosy Bun Hair- 150K https://gyazo.com/5c12c89b18a80cef653db8b865e6cfea
Portia Hair - 10K
Wavelet Twin Tail Beauty - 20K
Romantic Half Up Do - 500K
See-Through Cute Trim Hair- 150K
Enchanted Bride Hair- 100K
Divine Demigod Hair - SOLD
Macha Hair -200K
Meryl Hair- 500K
Vayne Hair - SOLDuntails Hair-100K
Fledgling Assassin Hair- 800K
Lavish Half Updo Hairstyle-SOLD

Two-Tone Innocent Bright Eyes- 13MIL https://gyazo.com/1731604b00ca243d7d26354bff1911dd
Two-Tone Sunken Eyes 9.2MIL https://gyazo.com/d135a4da9ee2ff731efaeefda3fb925b
Stargazing Eyes X2 - 200K https://gyazo.com/dc77d08c367c25b3b20e8b48851eae3e
Hypnotized Eyes- 1MILL
Glittering Eyes 300k
Sultry Eyes- 5Mill
Deep Gaze - 500K
Sharp Gaze Eyes 1.5Mill


Chickie Pajamas F
Casual Date Wear w/ Bunny Bag F
Casual Date Wear F
Duffel Coat F
Oversized Shirt F
Oversized shirt + stockings F

trading pretty much everything for Graceful Long Wave F as that is what I am originally aiming for