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[KR/JP] Run Towards The Puzzle!

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Event page
Event news
Notes: Check the news page for the reward table.

*Google Translated

[Event] Run towards the puzzle! Event guide
2019.08.29 12:00
Good morning.
This is Mabinogi GM Anghard .

Collect all the pieces to get the
keyhole wings!

☑ Event Period : After checking Thursday, August 29, 2019 ~ Before Thursday, November 28, 2019

☑ How to proceed with the event
1) When you access the game, the guide quest 'Boy's request' will be automatically paid.
2) Talk to the boy in need of NPC help in front of the Dunbarton Unicorn statue to set up a representative character.
Puzzle piece button image If you set the representative character, a puzzle piece button will appear, and you can check the puzzle version by clicking this button.
3) You can get 1 puzzle piece (2 on weekends) if you stay connected for 1 hour in real time.
4) Every time you hit more than a certain number of puzzle pieces, you can get the reward of the puzzle board
. Collect 104 pieces to complete the puzzle! You can also receive quest completion rewards .

☑ How to Obtain Puzzle Pieces
-One puzzle piece will be awarded once per day for 1 hour of real time access.
-Two puzzle pieces will be awarded when you stay connected on Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday and Sunday events are from 7:00 AM to Sunday 6:59 AM on Saturdays, and 7:00 AM to 6:59 AM on Sundays.
-Even if you log out / move the channel, the access time will be maintained and the initialization time will be 7:00 AM.
-1 hour every day during the event you can get 117 puzzle pieces, 104 of which can complete the puzzle.
-Event quests and event items (puzzle version) will be deleted at the end of the event.

-'Let's complete the puzzle!' Quest Completion Reward: Romantic Farm Easel with completed puzzle drawn, Puzzle Master 2nd Title
* Titles are paid directly in the title itself, not in the form of a coupon.

-Collect a certain number of puzzle pieces and press the [Receive] button on the puzzle board to receive a reward.
* When using the keyhole robe set box, you can choose either `` Keyhole robe set '' (non-tradeable) men's or women's.
Keyhole robes and keyhole boots obtained from Robe Sets are tradable.

Chichol (Keyhole) Robe
(IMG is from JP Update News)

Rewards According to JP: