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[KR] Final Fourth Token Event: Pillow Fight! RPS

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edited September 23, 2019 in Content from Other Regions
Event Notice
Google Translated: If you haven't earned the first, second, or third Fantastic Memory Tokens,
you can buy them for 500 melodies from the NPC Edition Melody Secret Shop.
(The 4th token is not sold.)

Google Translated:
Achievement Quest 'Fourth Memory: Pillow
Fight'-Complete the quest 'Caravan Joe who likes pillow fight' 10 times and talk to Caravan Joe who likes pillow fight to complete the quest.
-Quest complete rewards to earn Fantastic Memory Golden Trophy, 4th Fantastic Memory Token, and 30 Melody.

Pillow Fight! Skill Rock Paper Scissors
Reward: Regardless of win or loss, 50 AP will be completed, 20 AP Potion, 100 AP 40 Potion, 200 AP 60 Potion, 300 AP 90 Potion, Popo Dong Poppy Whistle, and 30 Melodies.