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S>End Game Lance/67th Floor Burn and End Game Gear

Mabinogi Rep: 200
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in Nao Marketplace
S>Secret 67th Floor R7 Ice 6, Max Att. 17, Str 10 Lance / 67th Floor burn - Whatever u wanna use it for

S>Champion 14 Max - FH Duration 20, Focus Fist Damage 15 Armor (M)

S>Encore Breakneck Falmerider Outfit (M) (Shoes included)

S>Magnum Damage 18 Gloves (M)

S>Final Strike Teleport Distance 15 Nuadha Boots (M)

S>Earth Alch Efficiency 18, Wind Alch Efficiency 11 Boots (M)

S>3/3 Broken Horn Sandals R1 3Line with Dorcha Conversion HP consumed 12, reroll if u want idc

S>Tons of R1 Accessories

S> Raccoon Cub ACCESSORY

+ More Gear and Fashions <3~

Note me in game or Add me: Dreamnitesky