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G11, unable to get the Ancient Alchemy sm.

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edited February 15, 2017 in Help
There are 2 reasons why i think this could have happened. I forgot to cancel the "7 pages" sm and i talked to Sinead. The talk to Sinead part of the quest was checked but i never got the sm. noticed that i had the 7 pages sm still on the alch quest line i canceled it and tried to talk with her again. I was thinking it was just the "you have another sm right now, can't give you the quest" but this time i get a "what can i do for you?" and nothing else. The second reason could be because of my char who started with all the alch skills because of the hero card but i had no problems with the life drain or rain cast quests. Already tried the following: cc, log out, reboot game, pick a random sm and cancel it, try some keywords. so far no results. I'm also on the Andra's test quest but i made sure to not have a sm with her so i don't think that could be the problem ether.