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Memoir Quest not Tracking Progress

Mabinogi Rep: 330
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in Bugs and Glitches

Hi all,

Character with the bug:

The issue goes as follows, my memoir quest book worked just as fine until it suddenly stopped tracking my progress. No matter what I do, the book will not accept it as progress so the quest will be forever stuck there.

Examples of the problem
1. The quest require me to talk with certain NPC - I do talk with the NPC but the quest does not recognize it. - I do talk again with the NPC and the same quest text unfolds as I have never talk with him.
2. Quest requires me to reach mining rank E - I'm Mining rank C and the quest keeps requiring me to reach rank E
3. Quest requires me to get a Lost Earring from Sidhe Sneachta - I do have the earring and the quest keeps asking for it.

I'm attaching a video of the case 2 to just to let clear the bug.

Things I have done:
1. Re-login
2. Changing channel
3. Creating another character just to check if it was something with the local files

I appreciate any help, due to this bug is preventing me of doing other quests because the NPCs are stuck in the memoir quest dialogue.


  • BlindguyBlindguy
    Mabinogi Rep: 210
    Post: 1
    Any luck? Im actually having the exact same problem! im stuck on the first Memoir quest, I send in a ticket a week ago, and i still havent heard any updates.
  • LautrexLautrex
    Mabinogi Rep: 100
    Post: 1
    edited November 5, 2019
    Me and other friends have the same problem with quests not updating. I sent a ticket and was told to wait while they look for the issue
  • EliteAceEliteAce
    Mabinogi Rep: 100
    Post: 1
    I've been having the same issue. I'm stuck on the "So Many Upgrades" quest on the second memoir. It won't complete the first objective, which is to talk to Edern - so he just keeps repeating the same quest dialog and not allowing me to access any of his other dialog options.
  • JohnyBoyJohnyBoy
    Post: 1
    STILL HAVING SAME ISSUE. I can't progress with the new Spirit Wep revamp because I can't talk to Edern. He just keeps repeating the same quest dialog and not allowing me to access any of his other dialog options.