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Marionette with the Dreamy Sugar

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edited November 3, 2019 in Help
Hi! I struggle to find the marionette that holds the sugar because I don't quite understand the clues BUT I have found a marionette WITHOUT a mushroom on its wrist.

My confusion is, do the other descriptions also fall under the same marionette all at once or just one of the 3 because I haven't seen a marionette with a 'connected knee' and 'less green moss on the face'. Pictures would help a lot! I'll try to find a similar one again tomorrow or later >_< this mission is honestly infuriating on a laptop ^_^;.


  • HelsaHelsa
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    The three conditions are "possible" conditions. For any instance of the room only one is true. The nearby clue works just like Minesweeper would if it had one mine only. Things can be recognized as diagonally nearby.

    On the other hand, if you just enter and blindly check the front row, the time between starting the mission and failing is about 20 seconds. On average it should take 6 tries, so about two minutes. You can do it faster if you read, look, and think, but the first row method allows you to avoid reading, looking, and thinking; just turn the brain off and set to autopilot.