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Wanderer's Wares

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edited November 10, 2019 in Nao Marketplace
Some music for you bored folk

I'm not the type to be fancy, but this shall be a topic for my shop items.
Named after the shop name I use most often:

Wanderer's Wares

For my more minor selection, I will often have a dunbarton shop open.
I can stock anything from material drops, to event prizes like dyes.
Current high value item (as of topic post): Amplified Alchemy Crystal

No price is final, you may offer a lower price via note if you want. Always remember to offer within reason.
Trade offers are acceptable if you trade a marketable item of gold replacing value. I even cut off the price if its something I need.
Trade offers are significantly more strict with higher priced items. Don't dump 40 direct dyes for a 50m item, alright?

This topic will be more to advertise larger priced goods. The kind of stuff that won't be in my random shops.

Here are the normal goods for the time being. You can look them up over auction house or wiki if you need more info.

White Succubus Hat


Drawstring Pouch (Doll Bag)

Ice Cream Cart

Two-Tone Wide Glittering Eyes Coupon

On hold: Song Stardust

If you have any questions or offers, either note me or get my attention when I'm wandering around.

Topic update notes:
Update: The Broken Guardian Blade has sold.